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What is our footprint as a company?

We are located in Portland, Oregon, one of the greenest communities in America if not the world.  You can take that anyway you like.  In addition to being one of the most beautiful and lush places we, as a community, are very environmentally aware of the footprint we make on this earth.  At Marathon Printing, Inc. we are charged with creating a product that will last through some of the most grueling conditions in sports and from the beginning we have always tried to do that in the most environmentally conscience format.  Not only is it better for our world, most of the time it is better for the profitability of the company.

1.  We recycle everything we possibly can.
2.  We always choose zero or low emission, biodegradable, or products made from recycled materials when possible.
3.  We are hyper aware of the amount of garbage that we produce as a company and work on a daily basis to reduce the amount of material that goes in the garbage dumpster.  If we do have waste we want waste that will go in the recycle dumpster instead of the garbage dumpster.  We have reduced the size of our garbage dumpster by two-thirds over the last 6 years and increased the size of our recycle dumpster by half.
4.  Tyvek is one of the difficult materials to recycle, but WasteManagement  and DuPont have developed a program that allows races and this company to recycle into outdoor products like decking.  You can see more on this at --- and ---.
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